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However, my friends and I were creating comics the whole entire time and this one is about no matter the distance people can still find ways to connect with each other. This is our first comic so please bear with us. heheh. We are still new to this whole creating comics thing.

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Friends NOT For Life

BACK STORY: When I was a in kindergarten I remembered I had a friend that I would always go to when I saw her. I sooner learned that she was so called,”my best friend.” I remember we would always hangout with each other after school and take ballet lessons together. In our ballet lesson, I always envied girls that would talk to her or be near her. I remembered this one time when my best friend and I had to run to the other side of the wall, suddenly this girl cut me off. She was next to my best friend and I think I yelled at her or shoved her to be next to my best friend. As the years passed I started to move schools and found new friends to hangout. In elementary, I had two best friends that I went over to their house and did almost everything together. One day, I had to chose between them to sit on a bus and I felt very frustrated. The reason is because first I didn’t want to be alone and second I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings. I ended up choosing one of them and got ignored for the rest of the day.


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