Hey! Sorry for the hiatus.
However, my friends and I were creating comics the whole entire time and this one is about no matter the distance people can still find ways to connect with each other. This is our first comic so please bear with us. heheh. We are still new to this whole creating comics thing.

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Supported Love

There’s this common saying that you should, “first love yourself, then you can love somebody else.” However, I think this quote is completely wrong. I don’t think you can love yourself on your own without any support from others. It’s like a child without a parent. How can you expect a child to love him/herself if it never has experience to be loved before? This quote is taking it too straight forward.


Picture from the movie, “Mary and Max

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Life Back Then

I used to live in Germany when I was young. I loved it there. For me, I rather live in a cold area than a hot area like California; therefore, I prefered Germany better than California. I lived near the countryside where there was a farm next to my house and the cows would always visit me in the morning. I had a huge hill that I could go sledding when it snowed and had an amazing view of the farms. In comparison to California, in Germany I took a bus to go to school as for California my mom drives me to school and it’s really nerve-wracking for the both of us because there are many types of drives. The schools were better too, their after school program had proper food where actual cooks made our food and even had a special day where we got to choose what we wanted. However, in California the after school programs from elementary through middle school was awful.  All we had for our “dinner” was some kind of fruit/snack paired with a juice box. No wonder kids brought in chips to satisfy their hunger. I wish I could go back to Germany and stay there for the rest of my live. I loved the atmosphere, the people, and my friends. I loved how I got to hang out with people that were very affectionate and welcoming. In California, when you pass by a stranger you don’t even greet them, all you do is make eye contact and pass by them. As for Germany we tend to say, “Hallo!” (Hello in German) and smile.

Anime from “Say I Love You” & Credits to raion

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Making Close Friends

It’s really hard to make close friends because there are different types of friends, people might have their own group of friends, and it’s complicated whether or not they will be your true friends. First off, it is not how parents fantasize how a friendship should go. Parents might say, “Oh you can be friends with people in no time by talking about what you guys have in common, and by hanging out with each other.” There many stages of a person being called a “friend.” First you have the class mate that talks to you a lot in class, but once the bell rings they act like nothing has ever happened between you guys. Second, there’s the friend that uses you for homework or anything that they need help on. They only talk to you when they need help and bother you if you don’t reply. Third, is the group of friends you are friends with, but it is hard whether to decide if they are going to be your close friends. Therefore, is really difficult to find that one right friend you feel close and most comfortable.

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Friends NOT For Life

BACK STORY: When I was a in kindergarten I remembered I had a friend that I would always go to when I saw her. I sooner learned that she was so called,”my best friend.” I remember we would always hangout with each other after school and take ballet lessons together. In our ballet lesson, I always envied girls that would talk to her or be near her. I remembered this one time when my best friend and I had to run to the other side of the wall, suddenly this girl cut me off. She was next to my best friend and I think I yelled at her or shoved her to be next to my best friend. As the years passed I started to move schools and found new friends to hangout. In elementary, I had two best friends that I went over to their house and did almost everything together. One day, I had to chose between them to sit on a bus and I felt very frustrated. The reason is because first I didn’t want to be alone and second I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings. I ended up choosing one of them and got ignored for the rest of the day.


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