What Are We Really Eating?

We eat animals. Animals don’t eat us. We kill them. Animals don’t kill us.

Pretend you’re in your favorite fast food place and you ordered a burger. The patty still had that sizzling noise going on and the cheese was just dripping everywhere. Fresh slices of tomatoes and lettuce on top of the patty with water droplets still holding on to them. To top it off with the best sauce ever smeared on the fluffiest and slightly grilled buns. Next to the burger, you have your favorite soda still bubbling along with those crispy, finger licking chicken nuggets. Oh how the aroma is flying everywhere and you can’t wait to take a bite out of this heavenly meal. You began to drool slightly by just looking at it and grabbed a piece of the chicken nugget and realized.. dun dun DUUUNNN it came from a hen that couldn’t wait for her child to come out and take care of it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. How it longed for her child and hear its first chirp, but no after the chicks were born the hen was being thrown into a machine that killed it instantly.


From the anime “K-ON!

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In Another Life

I wonder about my future most of the time. I wonder how it would turn out, “will I be able to find happiness, or will I have a successful career?” As for life right now, I can see my mom already regretting for having “me.” This may sound harsh but it true, because I don’t see any happiness in my mom’s eyes. As I told you from my last blog “my family isn’t helping either” and caring for me would be an extra and hard job.

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The Saddest Movie Ever: Graves Of The Fireflies


Graves Of The Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) is truly the saddest movie I have ever seen. It’s the type of movie that would make you feel glad about your life living right now. This movie is about a brother and his younger sister trying to survive during World War II in Japan. It is not fun and games when you’re between the war nor if you’re a soldier. Also, people’s optimism would crumble since their selfish side would come out, sort of like the Hunger Games.


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