Once You’re Poor You Become Nicer

If the world cared about how people’s emotions can affect them later on then the world, then the world would be in a much better place. Rarely in Germany I saw homeless people on the streets than in America. It saddens me everytime I see one. How they were born to be just like us and hoped for a bright future ahead of them, but then be crushed by this miserable life. Living out on the sidewalk where a blanket is the most precious item a person can give them. They have to battle through the wind and rainy days and with people looking down on them. They deserve much more better but it’s life they have to fight through the end and maybe a lucky opportunity can bring back to life again.


From the anime “Tokyo Godfathers

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Supported Love

There’s this common saying that you should, “first love yourself, then you can love somebody else.” However, I think this quote is completely wrong. I don’t think you can love yourself on your own without any support from others. It’s like a child without a parent. How can you expect a child to love him/herself if it never has experience to be loved before? This quote is taking it too straight forward.


Picture from the movie, “Mary and Max

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In Another Life

I wonder about my future most of the time. I wonder how it would turn out, “will I be able to find happiness, or will I have a successful career?” As for life right now, I can see my mom already regretting for having “me.” This may sound harsh but it true, because I don’t see any happiness in my mom’s eyes. As I told you from my last blog “my family isn’t helping either” and caring for me would be an extra and hard job.

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Life Back Then

I used to live in Germany when I was young. I loved it there. For me, I rather live in a cold area than a hot area like California; therefore, I prefered Germany better than California. I lived near the countryside where there was a farm next to my house and the cows would always visit me in the morning. I had a huge hill that I could go sledding when it snowed and had an amazing view of the farms. In comparison to California, in Germany I took a bus to go to school as for California my mom drives me to school and it’s really nerve-wracking for the both of us because there are many types of drives. The schools were better too, their after school program had proper food where actual cooks made our food and even had a special day where we got to choose what we wanted. However, in California the after school programs from elementary through middle school was awful.  All we had for our “dinner” was some kind of fruit/snack paired with a juice box. No wonder kids brought in chips to satisfy their hunger. I wish I could go back to Germany and stay there for the rest of my live. I loved the atmosphere, the people, and my friends. I loved how I got to hang out with people that were very affectionate and welcoming. In California, when you pass by a stranger you don’t even greet them, all you do is make eye contact and pass by them. As for Germany we tend to say, “Hallo!” (Hello in German) and smile.

Anime from “Say I Love You” & Credits to raion

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Dreams Vs. Reality

I wish I had the option to live in my dream then come back to reality. Every time when we close our eyes and we get into a deep sleep, we begin to dream. We dream about many different things such as that scary movie we watched a few minutes ago or to that one boy/girl we hope to full fill our dreams with. The sad part about is that when we wake up it is all gone.


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Don’t Hate, Just Listen

If you’re the type that is tired from all the songs that you have heard on the radio, have a listen to my top favorites but they are Korean songs. You might be thinking of Korean pop, but it’s not. There are many types of Korean genres but my personal favorites are R&B and K-indie. If you haven’t listened to those types get, then come along and keep on reading. You won’t be disappointed, maybe. Unless you hate the Korean language, which is just mean.

music headphone

Anime from “Angel Beats”, character Shiina

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The Saddest Movie Ever: Graves Of The Fireflies


Graves Of The Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) is truly the saddest movie I have ever seen. It’s the type of movie that would make you feel glad about your life living right now. This movie is about a brother and his younger sister trying to survive during World War II in Japan. It is not fun and games when you’re between the war nor if you’re a soldier. Also, people’s optimism would crumble since their selfish side would come out, sort of like the Hunger Games.


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