Learning from a Project: Comic Strips

It’s funny how when we have a plan in our minds we are determined that it’s going to succeed. However, when we are working on it, it seems to all fall apart and that’s what happened to my innovation project. For English class we had made an innovation project that would either elevate the school or somehow get people involved on certain things. Since the beginning of high school my mom pushed me to get into AP or honors classes. She talked to her friends who had their child teach me of which classes to take. Also, there’s this thing in Asian culture that forces their child to be extremely start or push them to take all these classes that they know so little of them. They don’t know that it may lead them to stress of even depression. It makes the child seem like a letter grade is WORTH YOUR WHOLE LIFE – but it’s not. Therefore, first I suggested that we should do something to influence upcoming freshman to take it easy. Then my other friends said, “Let’s make webcomics with real life photos!” and there we have it our own creation “INSPREAL COMICS”


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BRAWL-ing, wait what?

Brawling was a very fun experience that I would never forget. I liked how in group we got to discuss about questions that were very interesting and deep. For example one of the questions that was hard for me to come up with various ideas was “When is it okay to put your own needs before someone else’s life?” This question you had to think deeply and thoughtfully because overall us, humans, are already selfish. However, when is it necessary? when is it a life or death matter? the only answer we came up with was when the person was on the verge of dying. It is true because what else can a person do when the other person is already dying. How much of a possibility is there that person to survive? It may sound cruel but that is reality. I know it’s easier to say than to actually experience it, but that’s life.


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Reflection: My Blogging Experience

From the start I already liked the idea about blogging and was curious on what it was all about. I never was exposed to bloggers or what blogging was really like. I thought of it as just another tumblr page. Thanks to my English class I know how it is now. What I learned from this is that you can connect with so many people on the internet. You can share your experience to the world or just let out those feelings that have been bottle up inside of you. In the future, I think blogging would help me connect with more people. For example, if I want people to know me more or how I am like they can read my posts. It can also bring people together and keep connections with friends. Like, if my friends are going to move or I will not see them again I can express my thoughts into words, so that them they can read how I am feeling right now. Haruhi Fingers

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Teachers and Their Tests

I have noticed throughout my life that when the teacher gives back our graded test I never know what I have done wrong, or the worst case scenario, when the teacher doesn’t give back our test at all. Some teachers would give us a test, then grade it and put it on our grading system, without even tell us what our mistakes were. If tests are for students to prove themselves, then why can’t  teachers help us by writing down what we have done wrong in order for us to do well on our final exam. Compared to just grading it and giving it to us clueless students. You may think that test corrections maybe the answer to my question but it isn’t. Reason is because first off, students might not get enough time to ask their teachers or classmates on what their mistakes were. Second, if a student missed a lot of problems they would have to spend a bunch of time to complete their test corrections, which leaves them sleeping late in order for them to complete their other homework. That ties it in for the third reason; students wouldn’t even bother doing their test corrections because it takes up too much time on their other homework. Therefore, it’s the teacher’s job to show us what we have done wrong, so that we are able to do better on other test or even on our final exam.


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