Learning from a Project: Comic Strips

It’s funny how when we have a plan in our minds we are determined that it’s going to succeed. However, when we are working on it, it seems to all fall apart and that’s what happened to my innovation project. For English class we had made an innovation project that would either elevate the school or somehow get people involved on certain things. Since the beginning of high school my mom pushed me to get into AP or honors classes. She talked to her friends who had their child teach me of which classes to take. Also, there’s this thing in Asian culture that forces their child to be extremely start or push them to take all these classes that they know so little of them. They don’t know that it may lead them to stress of even depression. It makes the child seem like a letter grade is WORTH YOUR WHOLE LIFE – but it’s not. Therefore, first I suggested that we should do something to influence upcoming freshman to take it easy. Then my other friends said, “Let’s make webcomics with real life photos!” and there we have it our own creation “INSPREAL COMICS”


Inspreal Comics is our own unique twist on the regular comic strips you find in graphic novels. Instead of drawing everything else we decide to just draw the characters and the background would be real life photos. This was a fantastic idea but time flew by and it became a mess. We tried to do it at first by drawing more complex characters on the program “Paint” since we didn’t have a tablet. However it was harder than we expected to draw the same characters over and over again with different movements. We decided to take a break from it and think of other ways. That’s why we divided ourselves, one of us knew how to Photoshop and myself and my other friend knew how to draw. Therefore, one of us still went with the idea and myself and my other friend decided to just draw the comics by hand and scan it on my scanner.

Our journey:


From this I learned that making a plan isn’t as easy as it seems to be. You need to brainstorm EVERYTHING first, not just stick bits and pieces together as you go on. Also, when it’s a group projects it’s best to plan a date or multiple days to work together face to face. Online communication isn’t the best since most of the time it leads to misunderstanding and nothing gets done by doing so.

This was an experience that I definitely would like to improve later on in the future. 🙂

Here’s a google slide I made to show our progress.

You can read our comics at insprealcomics.wordpress.com


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