Reflection: My Blogging Experience

From the start I already liked the idea about blogging and was curious on what it was all about. I never was exposed to bloggers or what blogging was really like. I thought of it as just another tumblr page. Thanks to my English class I know how it is now. What I learned from this is that you can connect with so many people on the internet. You can share your experience to the world or just let out those feelings that have been bottle up inside of you. In the future, I think blogging would help me connect with more people. For example, if I want people to know me more or how I am like they can read my posts. It can also bring people together and keep connections with friends. Like, if my friends are going to move or I will not see them again I can express my thoughts into words, so that them they can read how I am feeling right now. Haruhi Fingers

What worked for me was that I way already getting traffic from the beginning. The one about why schools can be such a waste of time to the ones about friends. I can see that people these days are really into the topic about friendship and what the true reality is now. However the post that had the most traffic was my post about the one-sided love. Even today I get views from it all around the country. I guess I am not alone on this and people can relate to it or if they are having problems with it, they can cry with me. (just kidding)

What I would do differently next time is that I wish I could have made an effort to publicize it from the beginning. Sharing it twitter or google doc helped me a lot. Also, comment and liking other post from different bloggers lets me see other people’s opinions. For the next year’s bloggers I would tell them that they should publicize their blog and comment/like on other bloggers from the beginning. Also, to not think of blogging to be a joke and just write random things on here. I think blogging is something you grow to love it, so take your time on getting used to it and then write as much as you like.

For my teacher, you should have the students to make it mandatory to share their blog or comment on other blogs. Therefore, when we have that presentation people wouldn’t have the same problems.

Thank you for sharing this the blogging experience, I really enjoyed it.



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