What Are We Really Eating?

We eat animals. Animals don’t eat us. We kill them. Animals don’t kill us.

Pretend you’re in your favorite fast food place and you ordered a burger. The patty still had that sizzling noise going on and the cheese was just dripping everywhere. Fresh slices of tomatoes and lettuce on top of the patty with water droplets still holding on to them. To top it off with the best sauce ever smeared on the fluffiest and slightly grilled buns. Next to the burger, you have your favorite soda still bubbling along with those crispy, finger licking chicken nuggets. Oh how the aroma is flying everywhere and you can’t wait to take a bite out of this heavenly meal. You began to drool slightly by just looking at it and grabbed a piece of the chicken nugget and realized.. dun dun DUUUNNN it came from a hen that couldn’t wait for her child to come out and take care of it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. How it longed for her child and hear its first chirp, but no after the chicks were born the hen was being thrown into a machine that killed it instantly.


From the anime “K-ON!

In the moment when we are eating that mouth-watering meal we forget about where it came from. For example, earlier you were probably too consumed of imagining that delicious burger that you didn’t expect it turn it out that way. These days Americans spent 26 percent of their food budget on eating out; by 2010, that number had risen to 41 percent. During that time, rates of obesity in the United States more than doubled. When going out people become less aware of what they are eating because most of the time the food has been already prepared or made in the restaurant’s kitchen. It’s bad for kids these day that they don’t even know where their food came from. They only know the basic things like cows produce milk and chickens produce eggs. They don’t know that 97% of the 10 billion animals tortured and killed each year are farm animals or that it’s common for 20,000 chickens to live crammed in one shed that provides less than one square foot of space for each animal. They don’t know the whole process how the animals are being tortured, to follow their master’s orders or how brutal it is when it comes to killing these animals. They don’t know how making money can be so dangerous and harmful for the animals. Instead they sit in front of the television and think of how funny and cute these animals are. Their only logic of animals would be animals can talk and our parents make us food that we don’t even know where it came from. For example watch this video from sesame street.

It’s so nice for children to only learn about how our vegetables and fruits came from and not where the main protein in our lives are created.

[warning contains graphic images]

Unless we see it before our own eyes and do the horrible things that the farmers do in order to earn money. In the video they were all happy and cheerful at first, chasing the chickens and making friends with the little chicks. Then the unfortunate happened, where they find their own hen to kill. At the part when the hens were being put upside down to cut off its throat people already began to regret this choice. Killing is already something that nobody wants to do unless there’s a prize for it. The sad thing about this is that people won’t stop eating meat afterwards its like a distant memory to them. Humans are dangerous more dangerous than animals. Anything that satisfies our mouth or makes us feel happy, we keep on doing it. Like all teenagers mind would say,”food is my boyfriend/girlfriend” or “If you give me food, I’ll love you” or the most obsessed food: pizza. “Pizza is my everything” Pizza this and pizza that. Oh how those pepperoni slices came from pigs that are fed to the max and this wonder cheese came from cows that are being tortured. Oh can’t forget about the other numerous toppings that come on a pizza. That’s why it’s really hard to convince people to be vegetarians or at least vegan. After watching all these videos about animals cruelty and even experiencing it by themselves, most people would say,”I’ll definitely will be a vegetarian/vegan after this.” Then a week later they start eating a burger.


From the anime “Spirited Away

It’s hard to tell humans that they have to be committed to do something. My mom a few months ago said, “Hey let’s just eat meat once week now!” because we camp back from this monastery and the next thing you know we eat it like almost everyday now. It’s also hard to fit in with society if you become a vegetarian/vegan because most people in school especially like to eat meat and the cafeteria would only offer a salad/veggi burger (both of them don’t even taste great.) Therefore, it isn’t bad to consume meat but just be aware about where it came from and how brutal it was for the animals to be in that type situation. Then maybe we can start to consume less of it and go back to those delicious plants.

– Lena


One thought on “What Are We Really Eating?

  1. Reblogged this on Cute Craves and commented:
    This is an awesome post on how we consumers don’t realize how horrible our “food” were treated. We never acknowledge how many animal lives we had taken just for our own survival, I mean we should at least treat the animals with love and care since they are sacrificing their lives for us.


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