Time Flies

Time flies by so fast. One second we were just having breakfast and the second thing we know it’s already dark. It’s crazy to think that we can’t get every second in our lives back. For example, me writing this post, watching a video, or even taking a nap. Such as in video games we would always have a “Try Again” button that allows us to play the game from the start in order to complete the game, but it’s not like that in life. Once we mess up, we don’t get second chances. I mean we can get second chances, but it wouldn’t feel the same as the first time we did it.  Also, it’s so hard for us to control time. We set up alarms and we feel that we are determined to be on time. However, we end up ignoring what we have planned to do and end up being late.

Picture from my friend

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Cosmetics/Skin Care Products Used on Animals

As I noticed people using skin care products, I wondered how the company can make sure that’s going to safe enough for people to use it in their daily life. The answer to it is animal testing. It’s easy and time efficient for people to test it on mice, rabbits, or even guinea pigs. Such cute little creatures are being tested on product that they don’t even know it is going to kill them

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The One-Sided Love

Have you ever felt a rush of butterflies as your crush surprisingly passes you by? or you can’t find yourself stop looking at that special person? Well, we feel that way because of being hopelessly in love. This whole process of liking someone, getting confused, and trying to remove that person for the rest of our life is really confusing, especially the one-sided love.

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