Making Close Friends

It’s really hard to make close friends because there are different types of friends, people might have their own group of friends, and it’s complicated whether or not they will be your true friends. First off, it is not how parents fantasize how a friendship should go. Parents might say, “Oh you can be friends with people in no time by talking about what you guys have in common, and by hanging out with each other.” There many stages of a person being called a “friend.” First you have the class mate that talks to you a lot in class, but once the bell rings they act like nothing has ever happened between you guys. Second, there’s the friend that uses you for homework or anything that they need help on. They only talk to you when they need help and bother you if you don’t reply. Third, is the group of friends you are friends with, but it is hard whether to decide if they are going to be your close friends. Therefore, is really difficult to find that one right friend you feel close and most comfortable.

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Teachers and Their Tests

I have noticed throughout my life that when the teacher gives back our graded test I never know what I have done wrong, or the worst case scenario, when the teacher doesn’t give back our test at all. Some teachers would give us a test, then grade it and put it on our grading system, without even tell us what our mistakes were. If tests are for students to prove themselves, then why can’t  teachers help us by writing down what we have done wrong in order for us to do well on our final exam. Compared to just grading it and giving it to us clueless students. You may think that test corrections maybe the answer to my question but it isn’t. Reason is because first off, students might not get enough time to ask their teachers or classmates on what their mistakes were. Second, if a student missed a lot of problems they would have to spend a bunch of time to complete their test corrections, which leaves them sleeping late in order for them to complete their other homework. That ties it in for the third reason; students wouldn’t even bother doing their test corrections because it takes up too much time on their other homework. Therefore, it’s the teacher’s job to show us what we have done wrong, so that we are able to do better on other test or even on our final exam.


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My Summer Rant/Difference of Two Worlds

I started to go to this mindful summer camp back in 2013 when my mom got introduced by my cousins to go there. The camp was called “Deer Park Monastery.” When I first arrived I felt nervous and partly mad at my mom that forced to go there. I am a person who doesn’t like to be the center of attention. I like to be the type of person who seems to be the quiet person in everyone’s eyes, but shows her true personality with people that finds to be close to her. For example, on the day of the introduction for my summer camp I made friends with this girl that was very friendly, but I still felt like we weren’t actual friends. We hung out the first few days of camp where we met up at a certain stop and walked together. However, the girl decided to leave me to her other group of friends. I got to say that, that started off great for my summer camp experience, not. Fortunately, I found this one girl soon to be close friends with and that made my experience much more better. You see, I don’t get this whole thing with parents expecting us to make friends and use them to make wonderful memories. I never believed it when my mom told me that was going to happen; therefore, I proved it to her too. What I have observed this whole “everyone is going to be friends with everyone” isn’t going to happen. Since first of all, people have different personalities and second, nobody is going to try to be friends with all the people that they have just met.

How it feels like to be betrayed by someone

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Friends NOT For Life

BACK STORY: When I was a in kindergarten I remembered I had a friend that I would always go to when I saw her. I sooner learned that she was so called,”my best friend.” I remember we would always hangout with each other after school and take ballet lessons together. In our ballet lesson, I always envied girls that would talk to her or be near her. I remembered this one time when my best friend and I had to run to the other side of the wall, suddenly this girl cut me off. She was next to my best friend and I think I yelled at her or shoved her to be next to my best friend. As the years passed I started to move schools and found new friends to hangout. In elementary, I had two best friends that I went over to their house and did almost everything together. One day, I had to chose between them to sit on a bus and I felt very frustrated. The reason is because first I didn’t want to be alone and second I don’t want to hurt anyone feelings. I ended up choosing one of them and got ignored for the rest of the day.


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Wasting Our Lives

It is funny how a day goes by so fast. As a student I feel like most of our lives are being wasted because of school. Everyday we wake up early in the morning, go to school, do our homework, and then sleep. Therefore, it’s a cycle that goes on and on. Unless you’re super lucky you can get out of it, but I guess for most of us we are just stuck at school. The other day my mother told me,”Did you know that in when your 16 or 17 you look the most healthiest and prettiest?” I laughed to myself because all I do now is procrastinate and just stay at home during the weekends. Sometimes when I zone out I think back of the time when I was a kid, I enjoyed taking naps and having so much free time. I miss those moments and hope to have them again. However, nowadays I feel like I have to get to school on time, manage my homework schedules, and getting a good grade on tests. I also barely get enough sleep when it comes to the second semester, since teachers start to cramp everything to finish the year. I remember last year I had to do this biology project were I had to stay up until 3:00 am. The next day I looked like I had panda eyes and I felt like a zombie.

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