Learning from a Project: Comic Strips

It’s funny how when we have a plan in our minds we are determined that it’s going to succeed. However, when we are working on it, it seems to all fall apart and that’s what happened to my innovation project. For English class we had made an innovation project that would either elevate the school or somehow get people involved on certain things. Since the beginning of high school my mom pushed me to get into AP or honors classes. She talked to her friends who had their child teach me of which classes to take. Also, there’s this thing in Asian culture that forces their child to be extremely start or push them to take all these classes that they know so little of them. They don’t know that it may lead them to stress of even depression. It makes the child seem like a letter grade is WORTH YOUR WHOLE LIFE – but it’s not. Therefore, first I suggested that we should do something to influence upcoming freshman to take it easy. Then my other friends said, “Let’s make webcomics with real life photos!” and there we have it our own creation “INSPREAL COMICS”


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Enjoying Your High School Years

As we first enter high school we are told that “you should take honors and ap classes.” Even our parents tell us this who hear it from other parents. This whole talk that gives us so much pressure and anxiety of entering high school is really not worth it. We enter high school and take the harder classes, until we receive a bad grade that would hit us hard and leads us to stop trying in school. If only wiser and more knowledgeable people would have told us that IT’S OK TO TAKE IT EASY in high school. We don’t have to take harder classes that would “kill” us in the future. There’s simply no point because what matters is that you should be happy with your life. Here’s a comic we made based of it. Enjoy.

BRAWL-ing, wait what?

Brawling was a very fun experience that I would never forget. I liked how in group we got to discuss about questions that were very interesting and deep. For example one of the questions that was hard for me to come up with various ideas was “When is it okay to put your own needs before someone else’s life?” This question you had to think deeply and thoughtfully because overall us, humans, are already selfish. However, when is it necessary? when is it a life or death matter? the only answer we came up with was when the person was on the verge of dying. It is true because what else can a person do when the other person is already dying. How much of a possibility is there that person to survive? It may sound cruel but that is reality. I know it’s easier to say than to actually experience it, but that’s life.


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Reflection: My Blogging Experience

From the start I already liked the idea about blogging and was curious on what it was all about. I never was exposed to bloggers or what blogging was really like. I thought of it as just another tumblr page. Thanks to my English class I know how it is now. What I learned from this is that you can connect with so many people on the internet. You can share your experience to the world or just let out those feelings that have been bottle up inside of you. In the future, I think blogging would help me connect with more people. For example, if I want people to know me more or how I am like they can read my posts. It can also bring people together and keep connections with friends. Like, if my friends are going to move or I will not see them again I can express my thoughts into words, so that them they can read how I am feeling right now. Haruhi Fingers

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Hey! Sorry for the hiatus.
However, my friends and I were creating comics the whole entire time and this one is about no matter the distance people can still find ways to connect with each other. This is our first comic so please bear with us. heheh. We are still new to this whole creating comics thing.

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Much appreciated, thank you for reading!

Alone, Together

I can totally relate to this post on how loneliness is really painful. The act of just being an outcast is unbearable. In a friendship especially, the people who we trust the most and the people that we hang out with most often. How can people be so cruel sometimes and leave someone out there unconsciously or on purpose… sorry. Sometimes being alone when we’re mad is necessary, but in our daily lives loneliness is what nobody wants. Just to see people pass by us and give us the looks as if we’re a piece of trash to them. How the looks make us feel so worthless in life even though we do matter. However, we keep on seeing those bad memories that play over and over in our head that we finally burst into tears. Oh how we wish we could have found our true friends sooner, so that we don’t have to put a fake mask on to be included.

What Are We Really Eating?

We eat animals. Animals don’t eat us. We kill them. Animals don’t kill us.

Pretend you’re in your favorite fast food place and you ordered a burger. The patty still had that sizzling noise going on and the cheese was just dripping everywhere. Fresh slices of tomatoes and lettuce on top of the patty with water droplets still holding on to them. To top it off with the best sauce ever smeared on the fluffiest and slightly grilled buns. Next to the burger, you have your favorite soda still bubbling along with those crispy, finger licking chicken nuggets. Oh how the aroma is flying everywhere and you can’t wait to take a bite out of this heavenly meal. You began to drool slightly by just looking at it and grabbed a piece of the chicken nugget and realized.. dun dun DUUUNNN it came from a hen that couldn’t wait for her child to come out and take care of it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. How it longed for her child and hear its first chirp, but no after the chicks were born the hen was being thrown into a machine that killed it instantly.


From the anime “K-ON!

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Once You’re Poor You Become Nicer

If the world cared about how people’s emotions can affect them later on then the world, then the world would be in a much better place. Rarely in Germany I saw homeless people on the streets than in America. It saddens me everytime I see one. How they were born to be just like us and hoped for a bright future ahead of them, but then be crushed by this miserable life. Living out on the sidewalk where a blanket is the most precious item a person can give them. They have to battle through the wind and rainy days and with people looking down on them. They deserve much more better but it’s life they have to fight through the end and maybe a lucky opportunity can bring back to life again.


From the anime “Tokyo Godfathers

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Supported Love

There’s this common saying that you should, “first love yourself, then you can love somebody else.” However, I think this quote is completely wrong. I don’t think you can love yourself on your own without any support from others. It’s like a child without a parent. How can you expect a child to love him/herself if it never has experience to be loved before? This quote is taking it too straight forward.


Picture from the movie, “Mary and Max

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In Another Life

I wonder about my future most of the time. I wonder how it would turn out, “will I be able to find happiness, or will I have a successful career?” As for life right now, I can see my mom already regretting for having “me.” This may sound harsh but it true, because I don’t see any happiness in my mom’s eyes. As I told you from my last blog “my family isn’t helping either” and caring for me would be an extra and hard job.

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